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‘Intelligent, Cultured, Wealthy’ – parents’ ambitions for their kids revealed


A new survey from parenting brand Moosicology has revealed parents’ top three ambitions for their children; with intelligence, an appreciation of culture and financial security topping the list.

Parents, what do you think? Do you agree with these findings? What are your top 3 ambitions for your kids?

Kids, what ambitions do you have for yourself? Are they the same as your parents’ ambitions for you?

The survey showed that the desire for intelligence was irrespective of income. Only those parents from households earning between £65,000 -£75,000 ranked ‘well-cultured’ as being more of a priority than ‘intelligence’.

Controversially, it seems that fame, good looks and popularity are becoming increasingly important to some parents. While overall statistics were comparatively low in regards to ranking these ‘achievements’ as a priority, for some demographics these qualities were more important than others.

25% of Norwich based parents aspired for their child to be popular, and Brighton and Sheffield were the most aesthetically obsessed with 8.3% and 7.1% of parents from these cities listing ‘beautiful or attractive’ as THE hope for their child as an adult.

While there seems to be some backing for what could be deemed to be image- based achievements, the over-arching preference for their children to be intelligent highlights a collaborative wish that seems to be universal.

The survey didn’t mention what parents of kid bloggers think. We already know our kids are intelligent, so what else can we be ambitious for? May your wifi always be connected, and your blog readership always increasing. Be kind, be happy, stay connected to the real world – that’s what KBC wants to see.



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2 Comments to “‘Intelligent, Cultured, Wealthy’ – parents’ ambitions for their kids revealed”

  1. This article rocks!! There is no doubt that kids of this generation are turning into cash making cow!! lol..It’s a good thing..Love to all children all over the world.

  2. kcgirl says:

    i dissagree the generation is not turing into chash macking cow! 🙁

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