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International fashion design contest for children aged up to 8
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vertbaudet design competition

Clothing company Vertbaudet has launched an international  design competition aimed at children aged 8 and under – perhaps your little brother or sister is a budding mini designer and would like to take part?

The competition:
Vertbaudet invites all children up to 8 years old to design a hoody of their dreams.

This can feature anything from their favourite character, animal, colour, or whatever else their imagination conjures up. They can use felt-tip pens, paints, collage, stickers or whatever they choose. This is probably how Jean Paul Gaultier got started.

The eight winning designs will be chosen by a panel of fashion experts and will then be created and sold in Vertbaudet’s Autumn/Winter 2015 collection.

The competition is open to seven countries (France, Germany, Belgium, United Kingdom, Spain, Portugal and Switzerland).

All entrants must have their parent or carer’s permission to take part.

The prizes:
As well as having their design sold in the Autumn/Winter 2015, collection each winner will also receive:
• The hoody they have designed
• £150 to spend with Vertbaudet
• A surprise gift to the value of £100

How to enter:
Participants need to send in their drawings any time before 22nd June, 2014 to:
Budding Designers Competition
2 Holdsworth Street

You can find out more on the competition page here

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6 Comments to “International fashion design contest for children aged up to 8”

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