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International giveaway: Win a Lazepad iPad/tablet holder
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We love our iPads and tablets, but holding them in a comfortable position can be a challenge.

So with this giveaway we’re introducing you to Lazepad, an innovative fun and comfortable holder for your tablet or iPad. It makes it so much easier to read an article or watch Youtube videos in bed or while lying on a sofa.



One winner will get a Lazepad in either blue or black, RRP $54.99 / £33. Lazepad is made with ultra density technology – soft rubber which is tough enough to support your iPad. It feels great holding it, light to carry and lasts forever. The LazePad can hold your favorite tablet steady on virtually any surface thanks to its innovative design. Use it on any surface including your lap, bed, couch, table, floor indoor or outdoor. It offers multiple viewing angles for children and adults. 

Lazepad ships internationally and you can enter wherever you live in the world. Please note – iPad/tablet not included.

ipad cases



There are lots of options to enter via the Rafflecopter below – do as many or as few as you feel like.



This giveaway closes at Midnight on Sunday 17th August 2014. One winner will be chosen at random, and the prize will be shipped out directly by Lazepad.
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59 Comments to “International giveaway: Win a Lazepad iPad/tablet holder”

  1. Tracy says:

    My son reallys wants us to win this to make his ipad bedtime reading easier

  2. love how portable my ipad is and how all the family can use it

  3. Justin Disher says:

    I like that it’s lightweight and much more portable than my laptop, especially when I almost always carry my DSLR with me all the time as well.

  4. Lisa Sands says:

    Kids love the games, I love it because it keeps them quiet! lol x

  5. I love that it doesn’t get hot like a lap top! It’s also light and portable

  6. Laura Asplin says:

    That I can use it in the garden

  7. EMMA WALTERS says:

    great for when travelling/in the car

  8. Lorraine Tinsley says:

    It’s great for everything, so portable and there isn’t much you can’t do

  9. Zoe G says:

    I love using mine when cooking

  10. Rich Tyler says:

    Be amazing for skyp-ing family abroad! 🙂

  11. kaveeta says:

    I want for my kids

  12. Nicki Tayler says:

    Keeps the little ones entertained on long car journeys

  13. toni says:

    amazing for long car/train journeys

  14. farah Alabsi says:

    Realy its a very nice and want it for my work and my son
    Thaaaaaaaaaaanx and hope to win. .

  15. maher says:

    Wish Win

  16. Holly Edmundson says:

    There great I give mine to my daughter to watch peppa pig when we are out for meals and it keeps her entertained while waiting for food 🙂 xx

  17. Barbara Fehmel says:

    This ipad is a dream of mine as I don’t have one. I would like to give it to my Granddaughter who started University for Medicine this year.

  18. Ana says:

    Gives me an easy and quick access to info on the go

  19. Ilkem Mehmet says:

    I actually don’t have one- but if I win- it will be for the ease and comfort of taking it everywhere.

  20. Edmond says:

    OMG, great BD gift for my niece which I can’t afford. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  21. sookthi says:

    I think we all should be more aware about our needs and wants when we buy/win such products. Sorry if this seems too harsh, but we can’t have a product that claims that it’ll last forever. I mean, it’s not like this Lazepad is a real necessity anyway- and the money spent manufacturing it could as well be used to feed millions of hungry kids all over the world.

    Pardon me for my rants.

  22. Amanda Walsh says:

    its great for keeping the children quiet on long journeys

  23. Wehaf says:

    I love that I can read ebooks on it (it’s much bigger than my ereader).

  24. S.Gunn says:

    It’s great to carry around, check emails or generally answer quick replies 🙂
    Also great games to pass short periods of time 🙂

  25. ISA VAL says:

    thanks, so useful!

  26. Ilaria carraro says:

    I like it for everythin

  27. Tal L says:

    lightweight & portable

  28. Solange says:

    For browsing and shopping on the go

  29. gosto da versatilidade de usá-lo

  30. leanne williams says:

    I love using mine when cooking

  31. Georgia Karantani says:

    I’d like black!

  32. Luis says:

    I love my iPad cause I don’t have to carry schoolbooks anymore. It also makes things easier to share with classmates and teachers. Also games, games, games.

  33. Keshia Esgate says:

    It was freee

  34. Barbara madden says:

    this would be good for the grandson when we are in the car traveling great idea

  35. Diana says:

    It was a gift :}

  36. Trillina Palemi says:

    That I can use it in the garden

  37. Lorraine Polley says:

    that it is so lightweight and portable,and my grandson can use it easily

  38. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    I like having a browse on it whilst on the bus 🙂

  39. Donna Jacoby says:

    I love the fact that I can take it anywhere and connect to the internet from almost anywhere I go. Thank you for the giveaway!

  40. Karen R says:

    I love how light and cute it is 🙂

  41. John Mcgovern says:

    I like the fact that I can take it anywhere and that it starts up so fast.

  42. Pamela Gossage says:

    Its so easy to carry around

  43. Lesley F says:

    I love just sticking it in my purse and taking it with to wherever I am going

  44. Danika Lloyd says:

    News a my fingertips

  45. Joanne Blunt says:

    I love that it’s so multi-functional. It really does everything. It’s much quicker to just grab that than fire up the laptop at times.

  46. Jane Middleton says:

    That I can use it to get in touch with people on the go

  47. ilaria falco says:

    That I can use it on the train

  48. kim neville says:

    Great for surfing internet and kids love playing games on it

  49. katie skeoch says:

    I can take it anywhere!

  50. Nataliejane says:

    I love my ipad because it starts up quickly unlike my net book and it is portable

  51. Shellie Clark says:

    it is great for when travelling.

  52. Kerry Locke says:

    Love the fact I can just pop it into my handbag to keep the Kids / myself entertained while travelling or waiting

  53. Tiffany Banks says:

    I love how kid friendly and how convenient it is for when traveling

  54. Kirsten Barthy says:

    My ipad is just so much more intuitive and therefore easier to use

  55. sarah robertson says:

    I can watch films in the car when my mum is driving!!! It’s scary enough when she’s driving!!!

  56. Vikki D says:

    Its just so good for travel, have some films on there and my son loves to watch them in the car, makes journeys hassle free!

  57. Tina Holmes says:

    Love listening to music

  58. jimmy says:


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