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Kid Blog Star of the Week – The Adventures of Mr T and George
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Hello and welcome to this week’s Kid Blog Star of the Week – let’s meet eight-year-old Tristan from The Adventures of Mr T and George.




Tristan has just turned 8, and you can follow his adventures as he gets guinea pigs for his birthday – check out the great house he’s making for them. His favourite animals are giraffes and guinea pigs, and he has a puppet giraffe called George Geraldine Howard, whom the blog is partly named after.

In his family Tristan also has his five-year-old little sister, Mummy “who is kind” and my Daddy who is “smelly but nice”.Could be worse, Mr T.

So go and say hello to Tristan and maybe leave a comment on The Adventures of Mr T and George.

Kid Blog Star of the Week is where we highlight an amazing blogger aged under 16 from somewhere in the world. Some of them will have been blogging for a while, and others will be newbies.

But they’ll all have one thing in common – we think they’re AMAZING. And if you’d like to submit your blog for consideration, leave a link in the comments. The only rule is that at least one of the people writing the blog has to be under 16.

But more importantly, please visit our featured bloggers and leave a comment to let them know you enjoyed their blog.


To Tristan – Loving your blog so far and looking forward to seeing a few pics of those guinea pigs. You get to wear the special KidBlogStar badge so here’s the code to pick it up



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  2. Anna says:

    Hi my name is Anna and I am 8 years old

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