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Kid Blog Star of the Week – Diary of Alfie


Hello and welcome to this week’s Kid Blog Star – and this week we’re welcoming a new star to the blogosphere as we salute the brand new blog –  Diary of Alfie.




Alfie is a seven-year-old video gamer who loves Stampy, Iballisticsquid and Minecraft. This new blog was just launched a few weeks ago so we hope to hear a lot more from Alfie and his adventures soon. More Minecraft please!


If you haven’t seen this weekly feature before, each week we highlight an amazing blogger aged under 16 from somewhere in the world. Some of them will have been blogging for a while, and others will be newbies.

But they’ll all have one thing in common – we think they’re AMAZING. And if you’d like to submit your blog for consideration, leave a link in the comments. The only rule is that at least one of the people writing the blog has to be under 16.

But more importantly, please visit our featured bloggers and leave a comment to let them know you enjoyed their blog.



To Alfie – Your blog looks great so far, hope you’re enjoying writing it as much as we’re enjoying reading it. You get to wear the special KidBlogStar badge so here’s the code to pick it up


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8 Comments to “Kid Blog Star of the Week – Diary of Alfie”

  1. Lexie says:

    Cool, sounds great, must check him out!

  2. alfie says:

    hi I am Alfie I am the one that writ diary of Alfie hope you enjoy my blog

  3. Stella says:

    It seems like a fun blog, it’s pretty recent but already looks like it has great potential. Keep blogging Alfie.

  4. Archie , James and Brendan says:

    Amazing blog Alfie ,we also like MINECRAFT and video games, keep up the good gaming.
    but one other thing ,what other games do you play?

  5. Tom and Jasper says:

    We love minecraft!! We think it’s a really good blog!! Do you play clash of clans??:) 🙂

  6. Tom and Jasper says:

    We love minecraft!! We think it’s a really good blog!! Do you play clash of clans??:)

  7. hakan says:

    Best game. Good minecraft

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