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Kid movie reviews: Samsara meets The Lorax and helps save the planet
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Keep blogging Samsara!

Here’s our first guest post from a kid blogger in the USA!

Samsara Baniya is a talented 8 year old from California who writes on her blog about the books, movies and other things she enjoys.

Recently Samsara went to see the film The Lorax (based in the Dr Seuss book) and it made her think about what kids can do to help protect the environment:


Do you like to live in Thneedville  where there is not even a single tree?

I guess not, but Audrey, Ted and O’Hare lived in this walled  town.

The town, as I said, has not a single tree. I mean they have trees but not a real or natural one. They all are artificial and made out of plastics.

You might be wondering how they get fresh air.  Well.. all they have to do is buy a bottle of fresh air, open it up…hmmmm… Breathe in. That’s how they get fresh air.

O’Hare owns this business. He is making money from such businesses and do not  let people go out of the town. He monitors people’s movement through video cameras. Ted risks his life and gets out of the town to bring real trees. He is doing all this to win the heart of  Audrey, who  is desperate to see — a real, natural, live tree!

On the other hand  the Once-ler  who helped to chop down all trees soon finds out that he made a great mistake. He did not  listen to The Lorax who told him not to cut down the trees. The Lorax is the guy who speaks for trees and all other creatures. But now the Once-ler is old and learned the lesson already. He lost his business as he did not like to do things that hurt the environment. He is opposite of O’Hare who does anything for his profit.

The Oncler gives the last trafulla seed to Ted. He plants it at the middle of Thneedville . Everybody loves the tree. Ted wins not only Audrey but everybody’s heart. O’Hare later realizes he was wrong. This is the short story of The Lorax.

The movie gives a message that we should not cut down the trees. We all should think like The Lorax and save trees. If there is no tree, it harms the nature. It can bring bigger environmental problems. Floods, draughts, hurricanes, etc. I always insist  my parents find a house away and at a higher level from the sea if we need to move  into a new apartment. I am scared to live by oceans as the water level might rise  because of global warming. Dad and mom say it will not happen in our lifetime.

The other day when I went to the beach, I noticed the water level of the Pacific Ocean is only about my height below the ground where the houses sit.  As there is a lot of things going on like melting of icebergs in the North Pole, I suppose it will not take long to rise the water level up. We live a little bit away and at a higher level from the sea. Thanks to my dad listening to me but I worry about the others who live nearby.

I suppose we all should think and act like The Lorax. We should work towards saving trees, reducing green house gases  and protecting the natural environment.

The other day I asked my parent what can we do as a child to save the environment. “We can start from recycling things. Reduce, reuse, recycle…,” Mom said. That is what we are doing these days. I even took part in the Recreate art competition organized by the museum of children’s art . This competition was required to use hundred percent recycled materials. I even won the “outstanding achievement in arts” award.

Now I think  myself as a Lorax but without a big mustache and dense eyebrows. How about you?



You can read more of Samsara’s thoughts over here on her blog – she’d love you to stop by and say hello!

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14 Comments to “Kid movie reviews: Samsara meets The Lorax and helps save the planet”

  1. kishor khatry says:

    Dear little Samsara,happy to see your name here on Kid Movie Reviews,i am your regular blog reader,hope to read more in your blog in the days to come,Keep it up baby…God bless you!

  2. James Baniys says:

    Nice writing. I have not watched the Lorax as yet. I can not wait see the movie. Thanks for your blog.

  3. Sarah says:

    Hmmm…seems like its a very nice movie. Can’t wait to watch it. And I liked the way you described it. Good luck little “LORAX” for your recycling project :)…great job !!

  4. michael rai says:

    That is pretty awesome observation. It is very good that you took away wonderful lesson from the movie. If you continue this habit while reading books, watching movies, playing or just hanging around, you will learn alot. This is the habit, I would say, other kids also copy.Keep it up! You are great!!!

  5. Samsara says:

    KidsBlogClub, Thank you so much for introducing and including the blog! Thank you Kishor, James, Sarah, Michael and all others for reading , commenting, sharing or subscribing. It keeps bloggers like me motivated!
    This week I am thinking to take “National Geographic Kids’ NO MORE PLASTIC Pledge,” ( What is that ……visit this ) but I am afraid I can not fulfill it. This pledge suggest to say NO to any plastic wrapped, bottled, delivered products. Milk, Cereal, Barbie, LEGOS, movie CDs ( Thanks to my habit – I don’t like chocolates )… You name it all comes in plastic.The factories should pledge first instead of we -the kids, isn’t it?

  6. Bahadur says:

    Well thought Samsara, you learnt nice lesson from that movie. Its good to know that kids are learning good thing from movies and we have platform to encourage these thoughts. Happy blogging

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  8. Sheahan says:

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  10. Thank you for sharing this info, I really liked your storytelling fashion.

  11. Caiazzo says:

    That’s a pleasure to read your post and eventually clarify the issue myself.

  12. Samantha says:

    Well done samsara! keep it up. You’re doing great.

  13. muzamil says:

    your website is very useful and I m glad to find this website. The machine movie is an awesome movie thanks for post

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