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Kids aged 10-12 required for new TV documentary


Have you ever wanted to star in a TV show, talking about the things that matter to you? A UK TV company is making a programme about what it’s like to be a kid today – and they’re looking for people to take part.

Dragonfly TV are seeking 10 – 12 year-olds who would like to take part in a new documentary about childhood called Dinner at Eleven (working title).

The idea is that 10 -12 year-olds will hold a dinner party and around the dinner table, discuss the things that are important to them and the stuff that affects their world and their future.

There will also be a cooking element, so any budding chefs would be more than welcome! But they don’t all have to be into cooking, as some will be there for the conversation as dinner guests.

At the moment, the company is simply trying to gauge interest from parents and children, to see who might like to know more, or put themselves forward for it.

They’re also hoping to set up a RUN-THROUGH with a group of children, to help them develop some of the structure of the programme.

This run-through will NOT BE TELEVISED. The provisional date for the run through is Saturday 22nd June 2013 at a location in London (exact times and location: TBC).


For anyone interested in taking part in the programme, get in touch now at:

or call Elena on 020 7033 3199


image credit: dailyinvention


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