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These kids have got advice for you



Today we heard about a group of children in the USA who have set up a kid’s advice blog – and they’d love some input from you.

Their teacher Ms Ratliff writes:

My name is Jessica, and I’m a fifth grade teacher from Sikeston, Missouri.

This year, one of my students had the idea to start a kid’s advice blog.

It’s really starting to take off! Each week I meet with a group of fifth grade students who give their own advice in response to a question or concern (submitted online or in class), then I add my thoughts in the “Teacher Advice” section.

Our goal is to post once a week on a new topic, and find a helpful kid-friendly video to go with each topic (in the “Video Gallery”). I hope you’ll feature us on your page and bring us more traffic and more importantly… more questions!!! We look forward to hearing from you.


So what sort of topics would you like to see covered on this advice blog? What sort of advice would be helpful to you and other young people? So far they’ve covered How to make new friends and What to do if someone makes fun of you?

Either leave a question in the comments below, or you can submit it directly to the website here.┬áThe home page of the kid’s advice blog is here.

To kick off, we would like to ask the blog – What’s the best way to respond if people at school call me a nerd or a geek? Here are our ideas, but we bet you’ve got more to add.

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2 Comments to “These kids have got advice for you”

  1. Cake Chops says:

    I like the idea of a making friends video, I think that is very useful, I might get my boys to watch it, youngest especially! x

  2. a fabulous idea – good luck with the venture. I would love to see topics like dealing with anger / self-control from a kids point of view. And other PSE type topics. We found those hard to cover when we were homeschooling. xxx

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