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Kids learn to fly (with added science)
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What did you do in science class today? I bet you didn’t learn to fly. Well, a one lucky group of UK teenagers did, as they learned all about the physics of skydiving.

Dr Angelo Grubišić and his skydiving team of Astronautics and Aeronautics students from the University of Southampton have partnered up with the indoor skydiving company Airkix, to host physics workshops in human flight. The aim is to encourage school children from across the UK to continue STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) studies further into secondary school and beyond.

The aim of the lessons is to teach children about the science behind how the wind tunnel works, the power of the fans, why the air heats up and how air is cooled, igniting their passion for physics with fun activities. As well as skydiving body positions, they’ll learn about terminal velocity – such as how skydivers control their flight and stability – and how parachutes work. The hope is to bring the fun to STEM studies. Lessons from Dr Angelo at Airkix will be rolled out across Manchester, Basingstoke, and Milton Keynes and invite schools along for a day of learning. Click here to learn about the program specifically created to attract the young minds by being short and engaging.

Dr Grubišić has worked in the Astronautics industry developing spacecraft for NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory and the European Space Agency; sending probes to the asteroid belt and Mercury. However Dr Angelo is not your average scientist or lecturer, as his main passion lies with wingsuit BASE jumping, and skydiving.

“The development of The Icarus Physics of Flight School in partnership with Southampton University and Airkix Indoor Skydiving gives me the chance to combine my two great passions in life: teaching and flying. I’m delighted that between us we have been able to provide what I believe will be the best physics lessons ever for young people and hopefully inspire a fresh interest in STEM based learning. There are few things better than having a positive impact on students’ lives and choices”.

Have you ever had a lesson like this in your school? What would you do if you could learn to fly?


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8 Comments to “Kids learn to fly (with added science)”

  1. Jack Acornley says:

    Did it start by flapping their arms

  2. Jack Acornley says:

    Is it hard?

  3. Adeline says:

    Hi I have done skydiving before in Dubai, it was a lot of fun and cool! Plus I just started a blog so it would be nice if you checked out my blog! It is

  4. J and T says:

    This is probably the best science lesson that I have ever heard of. I like the fact that you are not only teaching the children normal things you would learn in school, you are also putting it in to practice.

  5. Matthew Sophie and rubie says:

    This blog was very interesting about how the students done indoor skydiving and about how the wind tunnel works.Also it was great to know how skydivers control their flight and stability. Think it was an amazing idea to mix learning with a fun activity so they will find the lesson exciting and not boring. I would love to do a lesson like this in school.

  6. fortniteking192 says:

    I think this blog was cool and inspiring and I would love to do that in my school.

  7. James Mathew says:

    This one is really nice.

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