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The last post, we’ve talked about Linkedin and how Kennected is beneficial to the average Linkedin user. This post, we’re going to shed some light on Snapchat. Snapchat has become hugely popular amongst kids in recent years, so we thought it was time to take a look at it and think about how to use it […]

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Hello and welcome to the latest fantastic Kid Blog Star of the Week – meet the teenager behind Fun Life Blog         This blog is written by Nafi who’s a 14 year old boy from Bangladesh with amazing ambitions. He wants to share his thought with everyone. He hopes that there will one day […]

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In the last post we looked at what to consider when tidying up your blog. Of course some of you might be moving on from tidying up and into some major renovation work, such as changing your blog’s theme. The theme is the over all design of the blog, and changing it couldn’t be easier […]

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    We have a really special new blog for you this week as our Kid Blog Star of the Week, like no other that we’ve featured before – say hello to Bowen who writes Bowen’s Blog as part of the Around the World in 80 Anthems site.       What makes this blog […]


Continuing with the new term feel, let’s take a few minutes to tidy up your blog today. Often when you start a blog it’s in a flurry of excitement and enthusiasm. Then you get into the swing of writing each post, and it’s easy to forget about how the blog works as a whole. But […]

Just for a change we have a vlog star for you this week – please give a warm welcome to Kid Vlog Star of the Week – Maya is Drawing   As you can tell from the title, on her channel six-year-old Maya shows how to draw and create lots of cool stuff. Maybe you’ll […]

You’ve probably put in a lot of effort to writing posts for your blog and getting it looking pretty, but who’s going to read it? How do you get people to keep reading, and coming back to read more of what you’re posting? What is the secret to increasing blog traffic? Let’s find out: Here […]

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  Some of you will have already started back at school, whilst others may still be enjoying the last few days of the summer holidays. Either way, back to school is probably on your mind. This is a great time of year to think about how you will do things differently in the upcoming new […]

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Harry Potter music concert

    We know that many of you are huge Harry Potter fans, so we just wanted to let you know that there’s a new series of Harry Potter music concert events coming to London. They sound really cool, combining a screening of a favourite HP film with live music. Click here for golf event […]

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We have a wonderful new blog for you this week as our Kid Blog Star of the Week – say hello to twelve-year-old Fizzy, star of Quirky Girl Studio       We love the ethos behind this blog.  Quirky Girl Studio is aimed at young people, and the main message is to be yourself. Well, you […]

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