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Safer Internet – it’s more than just a day



You might have seen news stories and references to the fact that this week Tuesday 9th February has been designated Safer Internet Day. But now that the date has passed, what happens next? What can we do to contribute to a safer internet all year round?

Here at KBC we believe that discussions about keeping safe on the internet should be an ongoing thing in every family and community. It’s not just a one-off conversation about what your privacy settings are on Facebook.

New platforms appear every day – how many websites do you visit that you’d maybe not even heard of a year ago? Who do you talk to online that you’ve never met in real life? What would you do if something online made you uncomfortable or unhappy?

And it’s not just new platforms we have to be aware of. Existing sites, apps and social media communities change all the time – and not always for the better. Therefore it’s important for all parents and children to keep the conversation flowing about what they’re doing online and who they talk to.

When did your family last talk about keeping safe online? If you can’t remember, or you’ve never done it, why not start a conversation today?


What would you like to see happen to help the internet be a safer place to be? How can your friends and family help and support each other with this? Leave a comment and let us know what you think.

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5 Comments to “Safer Internet – it’s more than just a day”

  1. The internet is as dangerous as any environment outside of home. The parent can not be present in every moment at every place. Children are always in danger to be contacted by potentially dangerous people or take part in dangerous situations and activities.
    We as parent must be actively involved in our children’s’ lives to be able to talk and be informed about their lives. If a child is spoken to, warned about eventual dangers, has examples of bad and good to learn from, the child can be safe online as well.
    Sometime we must even snick into their FB accounts and check out their conversations and posting, provide our opinion and eventual consequences.

    But the more important thing is that there are so many parents that do not realize the dangers Children face online, so this is another topic we have to pay attention to. We have to educate parents first.

  2. The great says:

    I’m loving your idea I totally agree.

  3. Sofia says:

    We did an assembly about #SID. it was quite assuring and we had to guess which option you would do if someone bullied you on social media or online.

  4. Jerry says:

    I like your blog good job (;

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