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The search is on for Britain’s best kid bloggers

kid blog awards

A new award has launched for UK-based young bloggers aged 13 and under.

The MAD Blog Awards usually honour Mum and Dad blogs (that’s the MaD bit, see?), but this year they’ve decided to introduce a new award to recognise some of the young blogging talent that exists in the UK. The award’s judges include KidsBlogClub founder Joanne Mallon.

To make it extra fun, everyone who enters gets a prize.

And one lucky winner will get a fantastic family weekend away.

Imagine being able to take your family on holiday because of your blogging talent! Plus your whole family would have to worship you once you’re an award winner.


How to enter: Write a blog post all about your favourite way to spend a sunny day outdoors. You can use pictures, words, video and whatever else you can think of to create your post.

Your post needs to be at least 250 words long and begin with the words ‘My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day outside is…’ 

Your parents will need to email to give their consent, and you’ll have to add in your post to the competition linky which is here.

Full details on how to enter are here.  – make sure you read all the details before you get started on your post.

You don’t need to have been blogging for a long time to enter – anyone aged 13 and under from the UK can enter, even if their blog is brand new.


Closing date: 31st May 2014 – entries are open now so get started!

The winner will be announced live online at the MAD Blog Awards in September.

Good luck to everyone who enters!

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5 Comments to “The search is on for Britain’s best kid bloggers”

  1. this is a great idea. I know my 2 boys would love to write something on this topic on their blogs. x

  2. It’s great that there’s acknowledgement of child bloggers, but seriously? “My FAVOURITE way to spend a sunny day outdoors?” That is such a condescending theme! The reason I write a blog is so that I can comment on pop culture, politics and philosophy and be taken seriously despite only being 12, and this competition is disregarding the fact that for me and all the child bloggers I read, blogging is about having a voice without being judged.

  3. Jessica says:

    Will you have an international award? 🙂 Wish they had this in Canada!!

  4. […] For UK-based kid bloggers, don’t forget that entries close for Britain’s Best Kid Blogger on 31st May so get writing your post. There’s a prize for every entry and you might even win […]

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