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Company magazine has announced the final shortlist for its 2014 Style Blogger Awards. In the Best Teen Style category we would like to say a massive CONGRATULATIONS to: Love From Anastasia Rose and Vintage Flo’s Hair Make Up and Fashion Style Castle Tolly Dolly Posh Sup Carolyn Fashion Killer Fashion Rhapsody Lucy Abigail Lauryn’s Notebook […]

kid blog awards

A new award has launched for UK-based young bloggers aged 13 and under. The MAD Blog Awards usually honour Mum and Dad blogs (that’s the MaD bit, see?), but this year they’ve decided to introduce a new award to recognise some of the young blogging talent that exists in the UK. The award’s judges include […]

Here's Dylan!

Today we’re meeting an enterprising and creative young blogger called Dylan Gates. Eight year old Dylan is from Scottsdale, Arizona in the USA. Tell us a little about your blog Dylan – why did you decide to start it and what sort of things do you like to blog about? I want to be an […]

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The TV show Child Genius is returning to Channel 4 and they’d love to speak to children who blog and their parents who might be interested in appearing on the show. Production company Wall to Wall is searching for the UK’s brightest young minds aged 5 – 12 to take part (with their families) in this documentary series. […]


Sometimes people get put off blogging because they think that you have to write very long posts, and that you must be an amazing writer who gets an A+ on every English class assignment. Not so at all. Here’s a secret:   You don’t have to be an amazing writer to write amazing blog posts […]

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Blogging awards season is in full swing, but there aren’t many awards that kid bloggers can enter. And no, before you ask we have no plans for Kids’ Blog Club awards cos you’re all winners to us. Cheesy but true. However, if you really really want to win an award for your site and you […]

Read all about it!

    The Daily Telegraph has featured some of the UK’s leading child bloggers – and Kids’ Blog Club got a mention too. The respected UK newspaper devoted 5 pages of its glossy Saturday magazine to what it called “the rapid rise of the junior bloggers”. The feature looks at why there’s been such a […]


So you’ve written a fabulous blog post. Your dad likes it, your cat likes it, but is anybody else actually going to read it?     If you are a child who blogs then you may not have a Twitter feed, Facebook page or other social media networks to tell when you’ve published a new […]


  Are you doing anything on your blog for Comic Relief? A bunch of bloggers have been to Ghana with Davina McCall and Jonathan Ross and they sent us this digital postcard:       Dear Kids Blog Club This is a class of 6 year olds at a school in a slum community in […]


An Emmy Award-winning TV company is making a new television show looking at parenting – and they’re seeking a kid blogger plus family to take part. Elizabeth Skadden on behalf of the US-based producers wrote to Kids Blog Club to say:     I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable network […]

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