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So has the New Year inspired you to start that blog you’ve always been meaning to? Need a little more inspiration to get you going? Here are some kids who’ve launched fabulous blogs recently. Check them out, leave a comment and watch out for them in 2013. Over 8s We love eight-year-old Mia’s new blog […]


Oscar and Lex are two brothers about to embark on a trip with their parents round Central America – and they’ve started to blog about it at The Blogging Brothers. Oscar is six and Lex is nine, making them possibly the world’s youngest travel bloggers. We caught up with them before they set off to find […]


There are tons of blogs around about children’s books, but so far most of them have been written by adults. But now junior bookworms are having their say as children start to blog about the books they love reading. We think it’s really cool when children blog about the books they read. Blogs like this are […]


If you are starting a blog, should you put your real name on it or not? Nine year old Mr Turtle doesn’t have his name on The Turtle of Happiness, whilst 12 year old El from Eljae keeps her real first name tucked away on the ‘About’ page and doesn’t reveal her surname. But other […]

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This is a list we first published over on Eljae – it shows 10 fantastic kid bloggers we have found. It’s in no particular order – they’re all equally brilliant. Here on KBC we’re going to be featuring lots of ace kid blogs so leave a comment if you would like to tell us about yours. […]

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