Blogging our way through life!

In the last post we looked at some of the reasons why a child might want to start a blog. But one thing we’ve noticed is that many children’s blogs which start out with great enthusiasm, end up abandoned after a few months. Why is this? Could it be – You don’t enjoy blogging any more […]


Today we have some great tips on how to attract traffic to your blog, courtesy of Louis from Blame the Blogger. Louis is 10 and has already been blogging for 9 months. He blogs about things in the world around us, from live blogs on football matches to celebrity birthdays. Here are some top tips […]


You might have seen the term SEO mentioned a lot and be wondering what it means, and how it applies to your blog. Does a kid blogger even need to think about SEO? Well, it could bring more readers to your blog and if that’s something that’s important to you then it’s worth finding out […]

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