Blogging our way through life!

Continuing with the new term feel, let’s take a few minutes to tidy up your blog today. Often when you start a blog it’s in a flurry of excitement and enthusiasm. Then you get into the swing of writing each post, and it’s easy to forget about how the blog works as a whole. But […]

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You may be a kid who enjoys blogging in your spare time, but can you imagine doing that as a job when you grow up? According to new research by VoucherCodesPro, blogging is an increasingly popular career choice amongst young UK adults. Inspired by the likes of Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Tanya Burr,  those surveyed […]

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    The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has released new guidelines for vloggers who work with brands and make videos paid for by companies. Vloggers have been told that they have to make it crystal clear to their viewers if a video contains an ad for a product, or if it has been sponsored by […]

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domain authority

  There’s a new metric in town. You might have heard other bloggers talking about Domain Authority and be wondering – what the heck is it? Domain Authority is a way to measure how powerful a domain name is – the domain name is the address of your blog. It’s one of a number of factors […]

Hello and welcome to the New Year! At KidsBlogClub we’re determined to help you make 2015 your best blogging year yet. So to help shine a light on some of the awesome blogs you’ve been creating, we’re going to have a new feature – Kid Blogstar of the Week. Each week we’ll feature one kid […]


Blogging can be a great hobby to bring the family together and today we have a wonderful guest post for you from a family who do just that. The Gribbon family in Northern Ireland blog together with mum Karen and her three daughters aged 10, 6 and 3 at Raising Mighty Girls. Blogging in a […]

Happy 2nd Birthday

We’re back from our summer break, and would you believe it that KBC is now two years old! We’ve been sharing information, news and opportunities for kid bloggers and their parents for the last couple of years, and plan to go on doing so as long as you keep visiting the site. And unlike most […]

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minecraft boy

  Bloggers seem to be split when it comes to the topic of the summer holidays. Some see it as a chance to create lots of great posts, since you’ve got more time and less commitments. You might be going on holiday, doing new activities or taking day trips – all great stuff to take […]

blogging in school

For many bloggers, blogging isn’t something that you teach or take a class in, it’s just something that you jump right in and do. But nowadays many schools and teachers around the world are incorporating blogging into the classroom, either as something to study on its own, or to support other projects. So how can […]

mean face snake

Hopefully, as a kid blogger, you won’t have too many nasty comments to deal with. People, at least the decent ones, are generally a bit nicer when you’re a child. But from time to time you may find that an unpleasant comment pops up on your blog. There are lots of reasons why this might […]

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