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30 quick blogging tips

    Think you haven’t got time to learn about blogging? Think again. Ready, set, go…… Blog about something you love Be interesting. This is easy if you are already interested in whatever you’re blogging about. See point 1. Blog as often as you have something to say that deserves to be shared Don’t just […]

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The great thing about blogging is that you can do it anywhere. You can write posts on the beach, take pictures up a mountain and capture the memories of everywhere you go. It’s a great way to share your holiday stories, photos and fun with family and friends back at home. Here are 5 things […]


Spring is in the air and lots of fabulous new blogs have started popping up. Here’s a roundup of some of our favourites – check them out, leave a comment or two and show them your support: Project Indigo Doctor Who fan Tom is going on a journey through time and space and wants you […]

Recently we looked at the issue of copyright, and why it’s not OK to simply rip images off Google. A great image can really draw in readers and support the words you’ve written. So what do you do if you want a beautiful picture to illustrate your amazing blog post? Well, it’s easy really. Here […]


So you’ve written an awesome blog post, and now all you need is the perfect picture to go with it. How do you do that? Well, the first thing not to do is simply rip it off the internet. You might think that it doesn’t really matter, that everybody takes images off the internet, but […]

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Nominations have now opened in the 2014 MAD (Mum and Dad) Blog Awards, and KidsBlogClub has been listed in the Most Innovative Blog category. But to progress any further we need more nominations, and this is where you can help. The MADs include many categories including Blog of the Year and Best Blog Writer. You […]

Here's Suki!

Today we have a guest post from a wonderful 10-year-old blogger who specialises in reviews. Suki writes at Suki’s Soho all about what it’s like to be a child living in Central London, and all the fun places she visits. Here are her top tips for anyone who wants to write great reviews on their blog. Suki […]


In the last post we looked at some of the reasons why a child might want to start a blog. But one thing we’ve noticed is that many children’s blogs which start out with great enthusiasm, end up abandoned after a few months. Why is this? Could it be – You don’t enjoy blogging any more […]


There has been an enormous rise in children starting blogs over the last few years – so much so that traffic to this site has doubled in the last month. Why is blogging for children so popular now? What makes a tween or teen want to start writing their thoughts down online? Here are some […]

A free blogging workshop for UK young people aged 12-18 has been announced for October 2013. The workshop takes place in Manchester on the afternoon of Monday 28th October (first Monday of half term) and is part of the Manchester Science Festival. Participants will learn the basics of editing websites using HTML. If you don’t already have […]

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