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Here’s a great review opportunity for any young bloggers within easy reach of London. The National Theatre would like to invite you to review their current production of Emil and the Detectives. For this classic tale of a boy learning to rely on himself – and on his new friends – the Olivier stage transforms into […]

new blog ideas

It’s Spring – traditionally a time for new births and fresh beginnings. Time for a new blog maybe? Ever since children’s blogging was featured in the Daily Telegraph, we’ve been hearing from lots of kids and parents around the world who are just getting started in blogging. One of the most inspiring things you can […]

The Adorkableness

  Today we’re honoured with a guest post from the fabulous 13-year-old Isabel AKA The Adorkableness. She reckons a blog is the best place to express your inner geek, what do you think?   Over to Isabel: There was a time when blogging was quite niche, but websites, especially Tumblr, mean that it grows more […]


Thanks for all the questions you’ve sent in about children’s blogging. We’ve answered the first few of them below. Do you have to be over 18 to start a blog? No, you can start at any age. But if you are under 16 it’s a good idea to ask your parents or guardian before you […]


There are tons of blogs around about children’s books, but so far most of them have been written by adults. But now junior bookworms are having their say as children start to blog about the books they love reading. We think it’s really cool when children blog about the books they read. Blogs like this are […]


Today we have a fantastic guest post from Ellen Arnison, blogger from In a Bun Dance and author of Blogging for Happiness. Are you wondering whether to start a blog or not? Ellen’s got a great list of all the things that make blogging so ace. Ellen says: I’m a grown up with a blog. […]

We're so SEO

This is a list we first published over on Eljae – it shows 10 fantastic kid bloggers we have found. It’s in no particular order – they’re all equally brilliant. Here on KBC we’re going to be featuring lots of ace kid blogs so leave a comment if you would like to tell us about yours. […]

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