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One of the UK’s top child bloggers, 11-year-old Jake of Jake’s Bones has landed a book deal . Jake’s been writing his blog about his hobby of bone collecting since he was seven and has thousands of fans all around the world. His new book, also called Jake’s Bones will feature a cartoon version of […]


THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED   We know how much you love books (and blogging about them) so here’s a perfectly precious giveaway that’s worth putting on your reading glasses for. How would you like a beautiful edition of JRR Tolkein’s The Hobbit for your book collection? WH Auden called it ‘one of the best […]


Our list of kids who write book blogs was incredibly popular – seems like there’s lots of interest in blogging about children’s books, and reading reviews written by kids. So for anyone who’s thinking of starting a book review blog, we’ve invited one of the UK’s leading teen book bloggers, thirteen year old Ruby from Feed Me […]


There are tons of blogs around about children’s books, but so far most of them have been written by adults. But now junior bookworms are having their say as children start to blog about the books they love reading. We think it’s really cool when children blog about the books they read. Blogs like this are […]

This is a new book about blogging. It isn’t aimed at kids, but it is aimed at beginner bloggers. It’s quite short and the layout is very clear and easy to read, so if you’re starting a blog and you like having a textbook to follow (rather than googling for information as you go), then […]

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