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The TV show Child Genius is returning to Channel 4 and they’d love to speak to children who blog and their parents who might be interested in appearing on the show. Production company Wall to Wall is searching for the UK’s brightest young minds aged 5 – 12 to take part (with their families) in this documentary series. […]

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We get a lot of emails from parents asking how they can best help their child who has started a blog. Or sometimes, from the slacker parents – Is my child starting a blog going to mean a lot more work for me? Well, yes, the truth is that it probably will mean a bit of […]


What do children whose parents blog go on to do? Start a blog of their own of course. Meet Betsy Lou – she’s five (almost six) and we think she could be Britain’s youngest blogger. Following in the footsteps of her blogger parents, Betsy Lou writes lovely poems and tales of what she’s been up […]


There are tons of blogs around about children’s books, but so far most of them have been written by adults. But now junior bookworms are having their say as children start to blog about the books they love reading. We think it’s really cool when children blog about the books they read. Blogs like this are […]


Today we have a fantastic guest post from Ellen Arnison, blogger from In a Bun Dance and author of Blogging for Happiness. Are you wondering whether to start a blog or not? Ellen’s got a great list of all the things that make blogging so ace. Ellen says: I’m a grown up with a blog. […]


If you are starting a blog, should you put your real name on it or not? Nine year old Mr Turtle doesn’t have his name on The Turtle of Happiness, whilst 12 year old El from Eljae keeps her real first name tucked away on the ‘About’ page and doesn’t reveal her surname. But other […]

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What every child blogger needs

So what should you do if your child wants to join the bloggerati?The great thing about blogging for kids is they can quickly create something that looks impressive and have fun in the process. It’s great forliteracy, IT skills and imagination. As long as you the parent keep an eye on it and don’t let your child […]

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