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Ten year old Jessica has already notched up years of blogging experience, and currently shares her opinions on what she’s up to via her great blog Reviews by a Child. If you’re thinking of having a blog makeover, here are Jessica’s top tips on how to give your blog the edge, get tons of traffic […]

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Are you hoping Santa might deliver some hardware to help your blogging progress? This year there are a bunch of tablets such as the Meep and the Kurio specifically designed for kids. But do you even need a children’s tablet? Would it be better to go for a ‘normal’ one like a Nexus 7 or […]


Our list of kids who write book blogs was incredibly popular – seems like there’s lots of interest in blogging about children’s books, and reading reviews written by kids. So for anyone who’s thinking of starting a book review blog, we’ve invited one of the UK’s leading teen book bloggers, thirteen year old Ruby from Feed Me […]


So you’ve decided to start writing a blog. It’s like creating a mini-magazine of your own –  but what are you going to call it? There are millions of blogs already out there – what are you going to call yours, and how do you ensure that it’s unique? First of all, don’t be put […]


Thanks for all the questions you’ve sent in about children’s blogging. We’ve answered the first few of them below. Do you have to be over 18 to start a blog? No, you can start at any age. But if you are under 16 it’s a good idea to ask your parents or guardian before you […]

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