Blogging our way through life!

  Today we have our first contribution from a kid blogger from Hong Kong     Teenager Cerc writes about life in Hong Kong on her blog Cercalicious. Here she tells us about what it’s like to be a teen blogger in Hong Kong, where she gets her inspiration and some advice for new bloggers.   Hi! […]


An Emmy Award-winning TV company is making a new television show looking at parenting – and they’re seeking a kid blogger plus family to take part. Elizabeth Skadden on behalf of the US-based producers wrote to Kids Blog Club to say:     I’m working with an award-winning production company and a top-rated national cable network […]

Keep blogging Samsara!

Here’s our first guest post from a kid blogger in the USA! Samsara Baniya is a talented 8 year old from California who writes on her blog about the books, movies and other things she enjoys. Recently Samsara went to see the film The Lorax (based in the Dr Seuss book) and it made her […]


Have you got something to say about children’s blogging? Maybe you think it’s the best thing since snow days, or that letting a child loose on a blog is a terrible, terrible idea. If you or your child has been blogging for a while, what are your top tips? And what would you advise new […]

Blog, baby, blog!

So has the New Year inspired you to start that blog you’ve always been meaning to? Need a little more inspiration to get you going? Here are some kids who’ve launched fabulous blogs recently. Check them out, leave a comment and watch out for them in 2013. Over 8s We love eight-year-old Mia’s new blog […]

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