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summer computer people

Have your summer holidays started yet? Some schools have already broken up, whilst others don’t shut for another few weeks. But one thing’s for sure – summer holidays are on their way, and for kid bloggers this means only one thing – MORE TIME TO BLOG. Here are some ideas for blog posts you could […]

computer kids

Disclosure is a pretty hot topic amongst bloggers right now and you might have seen several articles about it published. But what does it mean for children who blog, and how should we include disclosure in our posts? Don’t panic! First of all, don’t panic because for most of you it won’t make any difference […]

Every day is Mother's day really

This Sunday is Mother’s Day in the UK, and the blogging mums have already started posting about it. Some are giving hints for possible gifts and others are having a right good moan and announcing themselves to be thoroughly fed up with the whole business. If you’re a kid blogger, how about giving your mum […]

The Adorkableness

  Today we’re honoured with a guest post from the fabulous 13-year-old Isabel AKA The Adorkableness. She reckons a blog is the best place to express your inner geek, what do you think?   Over to Isabel: There was a time when blogging was quite niche, but websites, especially Tumblr, mean that it grows more […]


Do you have to do lots of writing to be a good blogger? Do all blog posts have to be very long? What’s an easy way to create a blog post when you don’t have much time? Here are some ideas for the kind of blog posts you could create – and some of them […]


I don’t know about you, but I haven’t been posting as much as usual on my blogs recently. Real life, family visits, illness and all the rest of it just got in the way. And yet I look around and other bloggers don’t seem to have the same problem, with lots and lots of posts […]

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