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summer blog post

  School’s out (or nearly finished) – so what are your blogging plans this summer? Perhaps you’ll be taking a complete break, or you could be using the extra free time to blog more than ever? It’s your blog, so it’s your choice. If you do plan on blogging this summer, here are some summer […]

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minecraft boy

  Bloggers seem to be split when it comes to the topic of the summer holidays. Some see it as a chance to create lots of great posts, since you’ve got more time and less commitments. You might be going on holiday, doing new activities or taking day trips – all great stuff to take […]

summer computer people

Have your summer holidays started yet? Some schools have already broken up, whilst others don’t shut for another few weeks. But one thing’s for sure – summer holidays are on their way, and for kid bloggers this means only one thing – MORE TIME TO BLOG. Here are some ideas for blog posts you could […]

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