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Teenage writer discovered on website gets publishing deal
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Emily Baker

It’s hard to know who’s reading when you publish your writing online. Maybe your mum, a few of your friends if you tell them about it. If you’re lucky one of them might even leave a comment.

But for one teenager from Lincolnshire, online writing resulted in her being discovered by one of the world’s most well known publishers, Penguin Books.

Senior Fiction Editor, Lindsey Heaven, was browsing the online youth writing community, Movellas, when she spotted a fan fiction story about the boy band One Direction written and published by Emily. It was the most popular story on the whole site with over 30,000 dedicated fans asking for more.

At the same time Penguin had been looking to commission someone to write a romantic Young Adult novel tapping into the current obsession with boy bands. Emily proved to be just the right person for the job.

This led to Penguin publishing Emily’s forthcoming novel, Loving the Band.

Lindsey Heaven comments: ‘We at Penguin Children’s are delighted to be publishing ’Loving the Band’. Emily’s novel is fresh, romantic and current. Her love of a certain boy band is heartfelt and her passion feeds into every bit of her writing. We were incredibly excited to discover Emily’s writing originally on the teen writers’ site movellas. where she had amassed the most incredible fanbase already. I’m sure they will be thrilled to see her published too!’

Emily comments: ‘I wrote my original novel at the time that I was taking my GCSEs, so I had to balance my studies with writing. It was hard work, but it all paid off when everybody was so supportive of what I was doing, which just urged me to continue writing chapter after chapter. That book then inspired me to write ‘Loving the Band’. I am very excited to be published by Penguin and it also helps that everyone there is so lovely!’

Loving the Band by Emily Baker is published on ebook/Kindle on 1st November.

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