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New book released to help bloggers use Twitter

Twitter for bloggers book

Exciting times today, as we bring you news of a new ebook all about Twitter for bloggers, straight from the heart of KBC.

Twitter for Journalists, Authors and Bloggers is written by KidsBlogClub editor and founder Joanne Mallon. It explains Twitter in a very practical and easy-to-understand way for anyone who wants to use it to promote their writing.

If you’re not sure how to use Twitter to promote your blog, then this book will tell you how, step-by-step. There’s also an action plan to help you gain your first 1,000 followers on Twitter.

The Twitter for bloggers book is adapted, updated and expanded from Joanne’s last book, the highly acclaimed Social Media for Writers.

The social media book covers all of the main platforms, including Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. But not everybody wants all that stuff and this new volume is for them. Being shorter it’s got a smaller price tag, so the RRP has been kept to a positively bargainous 99p.

It’s easy to assume that all bloggers are already on Twitter and using it happily and confidently. But as Joanne found out from running workshops with writers’ groups, that’s far from the case. Lots of people still just want to know what a hashtag is.

If you’ve signed up to Twitter and never really got what all the fuss was about, or want to use it to promote your blog, then this is for you.

How to get the book

Simply click on the cover image above. That will take you to Amazon where you can download it in a matter of seconds. If you’re in the USA then you’ll find the book here on

If you don’t have a Kindle you can download the Kindle app to most smartphones, tablets and computers and use that to read Kindle books.

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4 Comments to “New book released to help bloggers use Twitter”

  1. Simon says:

    Great idea! Thank you. We will read it with a whole family 😉

  2. What a brilliant idea! Love the word ‘bargainous’ too. I was positively terrified of twitter when i first joined and for a long time managed without a twitter account altogether. I still don’t use it to its full potential so i’m sure i’d learn lots of new things from this book too. x

  3. Nafi says:

    Hello,I am a 14 year old new kid blogger.Please give me some advise to get my blog famous.

  4. It looks absolutely amazing.

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