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How will you use less paper this new term?
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Some of you will have already started back at school, whilst others may still be enjoying the last few days of the summer holidays. Either way, back to school is probably on your mind. This is a great time of year to think about how you will do things differently in the upcoming new school year.

So with that in mind, today we have an environmental challenge for you:

What can you do to use less paper this new term? What can you ask your school to do?

This is one issue that you may need to challenge your school on. If they’ve always used a lot of paper then it may not have occurred to them to do it another way. If they’ve always sent out hard copies of newsletters then they may not realise that most people might prefer an email or a blog post on the school website. If your school doesn’t have a blog, could you help them start one?

Think about how you use paper, and where you could use less. Could you switch from a paper notebook to an electronic lab notebook or tablet? Or aim to print out half the amount of paper that you do now? Do you always use both sides of the paper before you toss it in the recycling?

Here at KBC central I have to confess that the desk is a total mess, so my first September job is to rectify that. I have a lot of half-used notebooks, and a bad habit of buying stationery then deciding that it’s too pretty to use. So my September resolution for less paper is NO MORE NEW NOTEBOOKS until the current ones have been used up. How about you?

What’s your September resolution? What will you be doing differently? And how can you use less paper each day? Let us know in a blog post or comment below

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*Picture credit: Rennett Stowe
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2 Comments to “How will you use less paper this new term?”

  1. Mads says:

    My school sends everything by text and email as part of a conscious effort to use less paper! x

  2. Amisadai says:

    Did you know you can make paper out of elephant dung? We learned how to do it at Neema Crafts in Iringa, Tanzania!

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