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What is Domain Authority?
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domain authority

There’s a new metric in town. You might have heard other bloggers talking about Domain Authority and be wondering – what the heck is it?

Domain Authority is a way to measure how powerful a domain name is – the domain name is the address of your blog.

It’s one of a number of factors that make a difference to how well your blog ranks in search engines. Some experts reckon it’s THE most important factor. And making those factors as good as they can be is known as Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO.

You can read more about SEO here and pick up our SEO tips for kid bloggers here.

Your site’s domain authority is a mark out of 100 based on the age, popularity and size of your site. Some of these things, like how long your site has been running for, you can’t do anything about other than be patient.

But you can do something about popularity by making an effort to write good content that gets shared online a lot. You can also write guest posts for other bloggers to get a link back to your site. If you sell a certain product, you would need a marketing platform to create sales funnels easily and effectively. Read these ClickFunnels reviews to decide if this tool is right for you.

You can find out the domain authority of your site here at Open Site Explorer. A brand new site will probably score zero whilst a top authority site might score as high as 80 out of 100. The DA for is 31 which is actually not too bad.

If you have a free domain name (if you still have wordpress or blogspot in your site address) then you will get an artificially high number which doesn’t really count – it’s not measuring your name, it’s measuring the authority of wordpress or blogspot.

Why should you care about DA? Well, for most people who just blog for fun and don’t care too much about their site showing up high in Google, it doesn’t matter at all.

DA only really matters if you have a reason for wanting your site to score well on Google, or if you are selling sponsored posts or advertising. Once you start dealing with PRs and SEO professionals, those people will be interested in your site’s DA score.

So now you know about it, most hobby bloggers can forget about it. But if you think you are going to keep blogging for a long time and possibly build into a commercial site, then you might want to buy your own unique domain name and start building that authority today.

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  1. Hi ,

    It’s a great handy article for increasing DA. A good internal link structure can really help in better SEO and hence domain authority of a site. But most of the newbies tend to put the same anchor text across articles. A variety of anchor text is what one needs to put to make the most out of interlinking.

    Loved all the tips and the linked resource pages. Thanks for sharing. Take care and have a great day.

    ~Taposh Kapuria

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