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What will you be blogging about in 2016?
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two-kids-bloggingGreetings to kid bloggers old, new and undecided. Hope 2016 is treating you well so far and you had an absolutely top notch Christmas (doesn’t that seem far away now?).

So what do you want to do with your blog in 2016? Or perhaps this will be the year you start blogging for the first time. Whatever your plans are, tell us about them in the comments box.

Could this be the year you…

  • Blog more often?
  • Write longer blog posts?
  • Set yourself a target of books to read and review?
  • Do a guest post swap with another blogger from another part of the world?
  • Write a guest post for KidsBlogClub?
  • Get over 100 followers for your blog or YouTube channel?
  • Start making films for your YouTube channel?
  • Leave 5 comments a week on other blogs, and make some blogging friends?
  • Really work on your photography to take better pictures for your posts?
  • Draw more pictures to share on your blog?
  • Get your blog in the local paper?
  • Write a book?

Or maybe you have another idea? This year, the possibilities are endless……..

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    love the picture=D

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