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Why do children blog? The Adorkableness knows


The Adorkableness

She’s so adorkable

Today we’re honoured with a guest post from the fabulous 13-year-old Isabel AKA The Adorkableness.

She reckons a blog is the best place to express your inner geek, what do you think?


Over to Isabel:

There was a time when blogging was quite niche, but websites, especially Tumblr, mean that it grows more and more popular by the day.

I may have only been blogging a relatively short time, but I am finding blogging incredibly rewarding, and it is definitely a pastime I want to pursue.

My blog is called “The Adorkableness” and is mostly based around my opinions, things I see and ideas I want to share.

Although I have amazing friends who I love so much, a lot of them are ideas that I am scared to share, as I avoid confrontation about things that I don’t think matter. I use my blog as a venting point to get these things off my chest and share them with the world.

Due to this, my posts can be about anything from street art to feminist campaigns; but most of it is relative to the people who are somewhat more edgy. I reckon though, that everyone is nerdy, dorky or geeky about something, just some things – such as makeup or football aren’t viewed as such.

I don’t get huge amounts of views – for me it is a huge and wonderful event if a post gets 10 views – but I believe in the content I post, and love blogging enough that I would probably write it if no one saw it.

I think that this is a good attitude for me to have assumed as a blogger, as some people get into blogging to be “internet famous”, as opposed to actually having a passion for blogging. If you write about what makes you happy and not what you think the internet will enjoy reading, then you are far more likely to pursue blogging for longer.

If you want to start a blog, I would say “go for it”. On the first day, when I saw that people from the other side of the world were reading my content, I fell in love with it; and I really hope that other people do too.

All of the content doesn’t have to be writing, but pictures, drawings, videos or anything else that appeals to you. This, I think makes blogging ideal for almost everyone, and I hope you find it suited for you as I have to me.


Read more from Isabel at The Adorkableness


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3 Comments to “Why do children blog? The Adorkableness knows”

  1. Annie says:

    I blog because my mom has a blog and I wanted one too.

  2. Bee says:

    I Blog because i wanted to be on facebook and chat with people but mum told me it was not safe. So i am allowed to type about my life instead for people to read and email me on the blog.

    You can come and have a look if you like. If you click i am there.


  3. Lexie says:

    I blog because it’s FUN!!!

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