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Why do children start blogging?


There has been an enormous rise in children starting blogs over the last few years – so much so that traffic to this site has doubled in the last month.

Why is blogging for children so popular now? What makes a tween or teen want to start writing their thoughts down online?

Here are some of the reasons why a child might start a blog, perhaps you can think of more?

  • For the fun of being creative with design and words
    Blogging platforms are so simple to use, you don’t need to hire a designer or get an adult in to help. And when you’ve finished, you can say – I made this – and be proud of your achievement
  • To get better at reading and writing
    Your literacy skills will naturally improve the more you blog. It might even help your grades at school. And if you want to write for a living one day, the practice will come in handy.
  • To get better at computer skills
    Computer skills are part of everybody’s life now, so it’s never to early to start learning. You will probably also learn a lot more about staying safe online, especially if you blog anonymously, and that’s essential to know too.
  • Influenced by other bloggers
    Maybe you want to rock fashion like Tavi, or change the world like Martha or get a book deal like Jake. Things are really happening for kid bloggers right now – could you be the next junior blogging superstar?
  • Influenced by parents blogging
    Mum and dad blogging has also increased in popularity in recent years. Parent bloggers, did you really think the kids were going to let you keep all the blogging fun for yourself? Of course they’re watching, of course they’re listening, of course they want to try it too. Just don’t be upset if your child’s blog ends up more popular than yours.
  • To have your own little space on the internet
    Sometimes it’s just nice to have your own space that you created where you get to say what goes there, like a mini-magazine where you’re the editor-in-chief.
  • To get your voice heard
    If you don’t feel like the real world is listening to you, or you don’t feel like you really connect with the people around you in day to day life, blogging is a great way to overcome that and connect with people in the digital world.
  • To connect with others who share your interests
    This particularly applies if you have slightly obscure or unusual interests. Reach out with your blog to find your community (don’t give then your email address though!).
  • To connect with friends and family far away
    Maybe you live far away from your relatives, or you’ve moved away from old friends. Blogging can be a great way to share your new life with them. Just remember – Grandma’s always reading!
  • To share your views on the stuff you like – and don’t like
    Who better to review kids’ stuff than a kid?
  • To moan about your teachers and parents
    Not really. Please don’t say it’s that. Or maybe keep that blog strictly private…

So why did you start your blog?


image credit: the UMF


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  2. Lexie says:

    I started because I’d heard small bits about blogs in tv programmes and books and decided on the spot that I wanted to be part of the blogging world – it was September 2013 and I was in my room and just said to my mum about starting and she agreed then a month l was walking home and my mum announced to me that my blog was launched. Later in October 2013 I launched my blog with WONDER: The book I’ve read over fifty times

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