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Will blogging help you find your tribe?
Bella Fern

Bella Fern

Today we have a guest post from the wonderful teenage blogger Bella Fern from Knilly Frickers.

Here Bella talks about how blogging can help you become more confident, make friends and influence the world:


I’m quite a shy person in real life. However, just because I can be quite nervous, doesn’t mean that I don’t have massively strong opinions and passions – but sometimes I struggle to share those opinions with people.

The internet offers anonymity, which for me is massively empowering. When I post a post full of opinions that I might be too scared to mention in public, I do not see the readers on the opposite ends of the computer screen. I don’t know how they react, but I do get ideas off my chest and I do have figures to show that they exist.

You don’t have to be a shy person to cash in on the obscurity the internet offers. Every clique, no matter how accepting, has topics they choose to stress.

Mine, for instance, is relatively nerdy; the majority of what we discuss boils down to a few television programs, books we’re reading and events in our lives. I love these topics, and my friends, but they by no means entirely define me. In fact, they’re relatively low in terms of things I am ultra-passionate about.

Having a blog offers you the opportunity to discuss things that your school friends might not necessarily discuss. For me: music, 90s pop culture, feminism, punk ideology and clothing.

More than that, it gives you the opportunity to find like-minded individuals. I’ve had a multi-platform discussion on “fake-it-‘til-you-make-it” with a school friend who has a Youtube channel, which she uses to share ideas, much like how I use my blog. We, both being quite shy, never spoke to each other, but now we speak frequently. I am writing a post for another blog, for a girl I’ve never met: we exchange ideas via email.

And ultimately, having a blog can increase your confidence in the real world. When you know that you can blog about something without any major consequences, it sets up the platform for you to elaborate to your friends. Once, I never would have mentioned Buffy the Vampire Slayer in a conversation at school, but the fact that I could blog about it without the world ending sort of proved to me that ultimately, no one you love will judge you like that. It gives you the confidence to expand your blog beyond its internet platform, into the rest of the world.


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You can also follow Bella on Twitter @ThatBellaFern

Have you found that blogging has helped you become more confident? Do you use it to connect with people who share the same interests? Leave a comment below

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2 Comments to “Will blogging help you find your tribe?”

  1. chris sancez says:

    hey im a new blogger just bored anyone up

  2. chris sancez says:

    hey im a new blogger just bored anyone up

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