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Win awesome Pokémon goodies!
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It’s nearly Christmas, and we have a fantastic Christmas present for you, as six lucky readers will get the chance to win an amazing Pokémon prize pack.

Having secured the Master Toy License for the next five years, TOMY’s Pokémon range is ready to do battle in the toy arena!

Tomy_logoTOMY are set to present the first Pokemon Catch n' Return Poke Ball_ls3 (2)themed toys based on the highly anticipated video games sequels Pokémon Black 2 and Pokémon White 2.

Including new figures with solid bodies and incredible levels of authenticity and detail, the new 2013 range takes collecting, training and battling to a new level.

Test out your strength and tactics with The Catch n Return Poké Ball Competition – this cool game mixes skill with action play for the ultimate battling experience. Use your aiming skill to hit the stand and knock the character into the Poké Ball, then activate the reverse button for the Poké Ball to return to the user. Catch the Pokémon before your opponent!

The totally cool Pikachu training figure includes a handheld Poké Ball remote, so you give the battle orders. Direct your Pikachu to advance, go back, spin, or change position!

You will also receive an Evolution three-pack so you can follow your Pokémon through all three stages of evolution – watch them grow from pint-sized to super-powered!

To find out more about Pokémon toys, check out:


Pokemon Evolution 3 Pack_T18132The Prizes

Six winners will each get a Pokémon prize package worth £42.97:
1. Catch ‘n’ Return Pokeball (suitable for ages 4+, available now) – GRP: £12.99
2. Pikachu Remote Controlled Training Figure (suitable for ages 4+, available now) – GRP: £19.99
3. Evolution 3 Pack (suitable for ages 4+, available now) – GRP: £9.99

How to enter:

Simply tell us in the comment form below:


What do you like best about Pokémon?


Leave an email or Twitter address when you comment – this won’t be retained or used for marketing purposes, it’s simply so we can contact you if you win


Extra chance to win:

You can have an extra entry if you like Kids Blog Club on Facebook, so let us know in your comment if you’re claiming this extra entry



One entry per person. UK entries only.

Closing date:

This giveaway closes at midnight on Thursday 12th December 2013 and the winners will be chosen at random as soon as possible after that.


Good luck!

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116 Comments to “Win awesome Pokémon goodies!”

  1. Ruby-Rose says:

    My favourite thing about Pokemon is how they are just like good friends! They are loyal, cheery, friendly, trustworthy, annoying at times and most importantly will fight for you! And they are soooo CUTE

  2. Billie says:

    My favourite thing about Pokémon is the games. Gameboy and DS Pokémon games were and still are such a significant part of my life – they teach you all about the Pokéverse and are so fun (albeit work ethic-ruining)!
    Also, Treecko and Grovyle are the bomb-diggedy ^_^

  3. anna says:

    I like them because they are cute!
    email is
    and have liked the fb page too

  4. Stuart Edwards says:

    Because there’s always one for what ever mood your in and by goodness my children are always in some kind of mood! 😉

  5. Dylan Davies says:

    I like all the different characters, especially the electric Pokemon and the unknowns that can be whatever I want them to be. And that I am 11 now and when I was younger I liked the cute Pokemon but now I’m older I can see Ash has had sadness in his life and he lives to battle and have a purpose and care for his friends.

  6. Tink Rhonda Lee Mse says:

    My favourite thing is the Pokemon themselves, they are just so cute!


  7. jason wills says:

    they are fun to play with and they look funny and i collected all the cards from the first collection over 100 of them took me over a year to get them all

  8. Greig spencer says:


  9. Lisa Jones says:

    My favourite thing about Pokemon is the magical Vaporeon Pokemon ! It is an amazing mix of traits of land and aquatic animals, and a split tailfin that looks like a mermaid !
    There are also three fins around it’s neck that vibrate when rain is going to come !

  10. Darrell Ann Lawther says:

    they are all so very different

  11. sarah rees says:

    I love the range and variety


  12. kieran boakes says:

    My favourite thing about pokémon is how nintendo never runs out of ideas.

  13. sarah Robinson says:

    I love all the different pokemon

  14. Alan Cruickshank says:

    I love how the game stimulates the brain with memorising all the type combinations and strength/weakness tables for each of the 700+ different pokemon! That’s before you get into the meta-game of breeding stats, natures and egg-moves… very educational!

  15. Tom Gough says:

    The collection of Pokemon is awesome.

  16. ERICA DITTMAN says:

    I love the characteristics of every single Pokémon. There is one to suit my mood every day

  17. iain maciver says:

    so cute and cuddly

  18. Amy beckett says:

    that they never get old

  19. Michael Scoates says:

    They keep my little ones amused for hours on end, and it’s harmless fun in moderation.

  20. Hannah ONeill says:

    I love the colours and the designs


  21. clair downham says:

    they are all so cute and entertaining and my son loves them /I like kids blog group on facebook too

  22. They are cute little critters.

  23. Jane Barrett says:

    Very imaginative, my little boy loves them.

  24. Ashleigh Allan says:

    because they are cute and fun!

  25. kathy cakebread says:

    I love how fun the games are

  26. Lisa Waugh says:

    They are unique and fun and colourful

  27. Anna Campbell says:

    They have lots of things to do but in a different universe. They are cuter than most animals in the real world and there is so much fun stuff to do you will never be bored. They are all out awesome!

  28. I love that Pokemon is suitable for people of all ages!

  29. Tammy Tudor says:

    I love how it is a classic and varied, it never gets old and you never get too old for it!

  30. kristy smith says:

    they are very cute

  31. Rebecca says:

    Great fun to collect and play with

  32. Spencer Broadley says:

    I dont like them but my kids think they are cute

  33. julie myers says:

    My favourite thing about Pokemon is how happy they make my kids…and anything that makes them smile, laugh and have fun is good in my eyes 🙂

  34. Nasheem says:

    I just like all the diffrent characters!

  35. Kate Davies says:

    My favorite thing is that they can be swapped and played with over and over and have survived from my childhood to my sons

  36. bright,playful .cute,dont argue with me,love them and there are so many different ones

  37. I love all the characters and how some of them are so cute too.

  38. Forgot to put twitter address @TheBeesleyBuzz Also following kids blog club on facebook (Rebecca Beesley). Daniel entering with permission from mum Rebecca Beesley. thanks x

  39. Victoria leedham says:

    I like them cause my boys like them!

  40. Barbara Edwards says:

    My grandsons love them

  41. My son has just discovered Pokémon trading card games and he is addicted to them now!
    He would love to try this and also loves his special Pikachu badge.

    I also like your FB page, thanks for a great competition

  42. bella smyth says:

    my princess is pokemon mad she plays pokemon all day everyday even at school breaks she owns pokemon balls and loads of diffrent ones

  43. Lauren Pilkington says:


    My son loves pokemon. He says he loves that theres so many of them all with unique skills and powers

  44. Lauren Pilkington says:

    i have liked on facebook

  45. Erica Price says:

    The wide range of characters.

  46. amy g says:

    i like pokemon because it reminds me of my childhood!

  47. my little brother is the biggest Pokemon fan I know and what I love about it is it makes him so happy! x

  48. Frankie says:

    Frankie says he love that the pokemon are all so different @babybudgeting

  49. I like Pokemon because it has stood the test of time

  50. I like on Facebook as Kate Holmes

  51. @x2mum says:

    I like that Pokemon are so cute best

  52. Mike says:

    I like Pokémon because they keep my grandson occupied but I quite like their odd features also!!
    Claiming an extra entry having liked the Kids Blog Club

  53. clair dutton says:

    pokemon are great and unique

  54. hazel rigzio says:

    wow do you know how amazing this competition is my son adores pokemon,my son has autism and he loves the vibrant and colourful characters.

  55. Keri Jones says:

    I love the computer games. There is so much to do and you get to see all the different types of Pokémon currently available.
    Pokémon has the ability to entertain no matter what your age 🙂 x
    Twitter @KezzzaJones

  56. Kara says:

    I love that both my boys can play it despite an 8 year age gap and it keeps them quiet for ages

  57. kim neville says:

    cute and colourful and my son loves playing with them

  58. kim neville says:

    sorry forgot my email

  59. Jacqueline Roberts says:

    It taught kids to be good and care! Loads of different characters too.

  60. Liz ferguson says:

    They have stood the test of time, so that alone says how addictive they are, and they are very popular in this household.

  61. Lisa Fletcher says:

    They help children learn about working as a team.

  62. Heya pleasant website! Male. Exceptional. Wonderful. I’m going to take a note of your web site along with take the for furthermore? I am happy to obtain many beneficial information in this article inside put up, we require produce extra procedures during this reverence, appreciate your spreading.

  63. Andrew says:

    The compulsive need to “catch ’em all”. Keeps the kids busy for days.

  64. Clint Howat says:

    They are cute

  65. Charlotte says:

    I have liked you on facebook 472nd like 🙂

    I have always loved Pokemon from when I was younger, I love the games most but also remember loving the tv show.


    They are cool

  67. elaine stokes says:

    I like the range of different ones you can get and there different powers

  68. Clare White says:

    My eldest son is nearly 20 and is still playing Pokémon with his university friends. In addition to this my 6 year also plays and loves Pokémon so its a game really for all ages. A real classic game!!

  69. christy beckett says:

    My twin boys are just starting to play with them, Pikachu seems to be their favourite at the minute.

  70. Lauren says:

    Pokemon are timeless which in itself should explain how cool they are! 🙂

  71. Phyllis Ellett says:

    Really for all the years I have been playing and the kids and grandkids been playing, you don’t have to be an expert. You can be rubbish at playing and still have a great time. One of the best ‘sandbox’ games ever.

  72. katieskatie says:

    they’re unique and each one has unique traits and abilities!

  73. Robby Price says:

    Its fun for the kids

  74. Zoe Roxby says:

    I like how they keep the kids quiet for house give me time to get what I need sorting

  75. shane weir says:

    My favourite thing about Pokemon is how they are just like good friends!

  76. zoe lucas says:

    My son loves all the different Pokémon and how they all do different things. He keeps asking what they eat :S

  77. catriona nation says:

    they are all so different

  78. Kelly Hooper says:

    I like them because they are cute, like little pets

  79. Tina Holmes says:

    My so loves them he likes all the different figures and powers they have.


  80. Sharon Burroughs says:

    My step son loves everything about them. He really loves collecting all the different cards.

  81. Jane Middleton says:

    I like it because the kids seems to be enthralled by it. Also fan on facebook

  82. Heather Simpson says:

    My kids love the challenge of collecting them all

  83. Isabelle Smith says:

    how fun it is on gameboy colour

  84. Ruth Davies says:

    Has to be collecting! Also liking on facebook

  85. Emma Gough says:

    the funny noises they make

  86. laura avery says:

    Because as a child they allways made my elder brother happy and smiley x

  87. David Jackson says:

    because they are fun and colourfull

  88. natalie zindani says:

    How the children engage with it still after quite a few years

  89. suzanne Sendell says:

    My eldest son loved them now my youngest do too
    Bright and cheerful

  90. Michelle Bennett says:

    My favourite thing about Pokemon is the way the characters are made. They appeal to all age ranges and are cute! It’s easy to get hooked! My hubby is 31 and adores them, he grew up watching it on tv and I still catch him playing with the girls poke balls shouting ” go pidgeotto” at the top of his voice lol. They are bright colourful and with reference to the show, has some morals ingrained. One programme I’m happy for my girls to watch.

  91. James McCarron says:

    I love playing with them. There are so many characters to choose from.

  92. Leesa Dunn says:

    I love Pokemon as they have kept my daughter entertained for years (she’s a little obsessed!!) She says she loves Pokemon because there’s so many of them and there’s always something to learn!

  93. jodie harvey says:

    i love pokemon as a kid, all the diff characters and cute noises 🙂 now my kids love it just as much although ive lost track a bit with all the new pokemon that have been added but it still looks as fab 🙂

  94. julie baxter says:

    i love them because i used to come home from school and watch it. now my son loves it too.

  95. julie baxter says:

    have liked on facebook as julie jingle baxter

    twitter name @lushy20

  96. michelle rutter hughes says:

    Whilst growing up I was a huge Pokémon fan,
    collecting the cards
    I was so cool, man


  97. Lydia G says:

    The main thing I like about Pokemon is that either watching the DVDs or playing with the toys keeps my children quiet for hours!!

    Liked on facebook

  98. Natalie Crossan says:

    they are so cool

  99. Nicola Holland says:

    Pikachu always saves the day and it shows good team work :)@Nickyh173

  100. Nicola Holland says:

    Kids Blog Club – followed on Facebook Nicola Holland

  101. Andrea Johnson says:

    They’re super cute! @casperthegh0st

  102. Fifi G says:

    I love collecting them 🙂

  103. Kate Williamson says:

    My twins have hours of fun, they love using their imaginations and inventing special powers for their Pokemon characters

  104. Champaklal lad says:

    great prize

  105. DHAIN says:


  106. dhain says:

    joke:2006 when i was a baby . i played myself.2014 this day i played with other

  107. Pam Hutchinson Kelly says:

    Solid bodies

  108. BALLOTELI says:

    thanks for the advice wish me luck go SQURTILE

  109. Steve says:

    These prizes are cute. Hope the winner enjoys these Pokemon!

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