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Win a set of Gladiator School books
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Gladiator School series


Who would like to win a lovely big stack of new books? To celebrate the latest edition of the Gladiator School series of books, we’ve got a great giveaway for one lucky reader to win the full set.


Gladiator School: Blood Justice by Dan Scott is the sixth title in Gladiator School series, and it’s published on 5th March 2015. This series of novels is set in the rich and textured world of Ancient Rome, where heated battles, fierce loyalty and even fiercer rivalry exist alongside one another.

Lucius and Quin return to Rome with the chest of Parmenion’s papers proving that Titus was poisoned. But who will believe them? And more importantly who can they trust? Before they can argue their case, the two brothers are framed for the murder of their own father. They now face the most terrifying punishment allowed by Roman law.

Blood Justice is a whirlwind of new friendships and old enemies sought with trials and tribulations. But who will be found guilty in the end? And will there be justice?

Special features of the book include a map, an illustrated guide to the characters and gladiators throughout the series and two removable coloured card bookmarks. Gladiatorial terms are also explained at the bottom of the relevant pages.

Through vivid scenes of action and adventure, Gladiator School brings the world of Ancient Rome to life for boys and girls of age 9 years and upwards.

About the Author:

Alex Woolf, writing as Dan Scott, loved to read science fiction and spent his spare time inventing new worlds and dreaming up fantastical machines. Then he went to university and discovered a passion for History. Since becoming a full-time author, he’s put these two enthusiasms to good use. He has written works of science fiction, including the Chronosphere series, about a future world in which time could be bought and sold – and historical fiction, including Aldo Moon and the Ghost of Gravewood Hall, about a teenage Victorian ghost hunter. In 2014, he managed to combine his two obsessions in the steampunk series Iron Sky, where he combines an alternative nineteenth century with science fiction gadgets and machines.



One winner will receive all six titles in the Gladiator School series:

  • Blood Oath
  • Blood & Fire
  • Blood & Sand
  • Blood Vengeance
  • Blood & Thunder
  • Blood Justice

Prize value is over £40. These books are suitable for readers aged 9 and over.



This giveaway closes at Midnight on Tuesday 31st March 2015



UK entries only please. One entry per person



Enter via the Rafflecopter below. Lots of options so do as many or as few as you want to.

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62 Comments to “Win a set of Gladiator School books”

  1. Tracy Nixon says:

    My boys would love these books! I would want to learn how to fight with weapons used by the gladiators of ancient Rome!

  2. Lynsey Buchanan says:

    Using weapons

  3. Zoe G says:

    My son would love these, he would be generally interested in the battles I would imagine

  4. Andrea Smith says:

    I’d want to learn how to get blood out of my lovely white robes

  5. Ashleigh Allan says:

    I want to learn about the battles!

  6. Pamela Gossage says:

    My grandson says he would like to learn to use a net

  7. samantha shelley says:

    My step son would love to learn about fighting at gladiator school

  8. claire blaney says:

    I want to get a feel for what the gladiators felt like.

  9. Hannah P says:

    Adam says he wants to learn how to attack people with swords (I have a horrid feeling this may be tried out on his little Sister!)

  10. tina titley says:

    My kids would love these books

  11. Stephanie Tsang says:

    I want to learn how to fight.

  12. My son would love to win these, and I think he would choose sword fighting as the thing he would learn. I think I would just run away!

  13. Emily Hutchinson says:

    I’ve always fancied sword fighting 🙂

  14. Gemma Snell says:

    Id like to learn how to use the weapons

  15. generally more about gladiator life

  16. Arya says:

    I want books

  17. iain maciver says:

    to use swords

  18. kirsty webb says:

    sword fighting

  19. Liam Bishop says:

    I think I’d make a pretty good Gladiator already, so maybe I’d just enjoy all the feasts and decadent parties.

  20. clair downham says:

    would love to dight using swords

  21. Joanna ButlerSavage says:

    how to be like spartacus

  22. John Taggart says:

    I’d love to try jousting

  23. Karen Usher says:

    My little boy tells me that he wants to learn the history behind the Gladiators!

  24. Rachel Craig says:

    History etc.

  25. gemma brown says:

    my eldest would love these. he’d want to learn about what they would eat and how they lived i think

  26. aaron broad says:

    I would want to learn how to be a champion

  27. Oliver and Zak says:

    i really want to learn how to battle with swords and shields.

    Oliver and Zak

  28. donna l jones says:

    learn to swordfight

  29. laura stewart says:

    brilliant prize xx sword fighting

  30. lynn heath says:

    Before anything else I would master the skills of using the shield to protect me from some of those fierce weapons!

  31. Stephen Little says:


  32. Laura Anne Farnworth says:

    How they trained and how they felt.

  33. leanne weir says:

    I want to learn about the battles!

  34. Ellie Spider says:

    I’d love to learn how to use the weapons

  35. Allan Fullarton says:

    Great prize! Swordsmanship – definitely.

  36. Corinne Peat says:

    My boys would be interested in learning about fighting!

  37. Linda Thorn says:

    the weapons

  38. Kim Styles says:

    The weapons

  39. Diana says:

    How to use swords 🙂

  40. how to get the kids to do their homework asap

  41. Amanda Walsh says:

    My boys would love to know how they hunt for food

  42. Wendy Becker says:


  43. olivia kirby says:

    ABout the armour

  44. Laura Finch says:

    My son says how to be the best gladiator 🙂

  45. Michelle Banks says:

    history about gladiators x

  46. Sheri Darby says:

    Roma History

  47. Chris Fletcher says:

    How to tame lions!

  48. Lisa Wilkinson says:

    Survival skills

  49. Tanita Dighton says:

    How to use the swords :)!!!

  50. Helen Atkins says:

    How to survive in battle

  51. Jane Middleton says:

    how to be strong and brave

  52. joanne liddement says:

    Would love to learn about their culture and history

  53. Veronica Lopez-Smith says:

    My kids would love these! They would like to know how to use a sword

  54. samantha bolter says:

    to learn how to swordfight

  55. carol boffey says:

    the weapons

  56. Donna Lewis says:

    Always good to have books around – My little group at school would love these.

  57. ELZBIETA ZNYK says:

    about weapons and battles

  58. soneailiami says:

    be brave

  59. Theresa Cooke says:

    Tiger Taming

  60. Natalie Crossan says:

    The weapons

  61. Aisa says:

    I really liked your post and I will really like some new school books!

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