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Would you rather be a blogger or a doctor?
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5110325875_19577a6c3b_zYou may be a kid who enjoys blogging in your spare time, but can you imagine doing that as a job when you grow up?

According to new research by VoucherCodesPro, blogging is an increasingly popular career choice amongst young UK adults.

Inspired by the likes of Zoella, Alfie Deyes and Tanya Burr,  those surveyed believe that a career in blogging could make them an average of £8,500 a month. They’d rather be a blogger than a doctor or musician.

Although really there’s no reason why you can’t be both or all of these things. You could be a doctor who plays in a band and blogs about it (when you can find the time).

These were the most popular jobs according to the survey:

Blogging – 24%
Sportsman/Sportswoman – 18%
Doctor – 14%
Politician – 9%
Musician – 7%

The reasons given for wanting to be a full-time blogger included:

Bloggers don’t have to do much work – 26%
Bloggers get paid good money – 22%
Bloggers are admired by others – 19%
Blogging is easy – 16%
Bloggers get sent free products and invites to prestigious events – 11%

What do you think of those assumptions? Do they sound realistic based on the bloggers you know? It doesn’t sound like many bloggers we know, that’s for sure. Pretty much all the bloggers we know work incredibly hard on their blogs and don’t make much money out of it, though they do often earn something more precious in the form of great friendships.

A total of 2,348 British people were polled as part of the research, all aged between 18 or 25.

So it seems that many think that blogging is easy, well-paid work. What do you think? Is this your experience? Would you want to blog professionally or do you prefer doing it as a hobby?

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18 Comments to “Would you rather be a blogger or a doctor?”

  1. I love blogging it is amazing but I wouldn’t want it to be my job as it might not be so much fun then. It is a fantastic hobby. My dream job would be footballer!

  2. Reagan(y4y) says:

    cool I want to be a blogger because our class has its own blog! why don’t you check out at

  3. nozue says:

    i really like your blog because your write the good thing about blogs and now i am intrested in blogs!


  4. E&E1234 says:

    I don’t really blog much but when I do I really enjoy it.Your blog is very interesting to read.

  5. E+E=1234 says:

    I have really enjoyed reading this blog.

  6. s&b2468 says:

    I wouldn’t really like to be a doctor but I would prefer to be a blogger. you’re blog was really interesting to read 🙂

  7. B&S says:

    I would rather a blogger than a doctor

  8. Soph&Zoexx says:

    Enjoyed reading this blog! Really enjoy this website!GReat tips ll

  9. arthur says:

    i would rather be a doctor because i love helping people

  10. G&E says:

    I would be a doctor as I would love to help people 🙂

  11. Gemmini says:

    we dont really Know possibly a blogger?:)

  12. emma says:

    blogger I love to express my feelings

  13. Duru says:

    I think I will be doctor as my job and then on the weekend blog 🙂

  14. Duru says:

    I think I will be doctor as my job and then on the weekend blog 🙂

  15. I think that I would be a doctor myself and learn how to treat people better . I really enjoyed this blog and it made me feel really happy 🙂

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