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How to write your very first blog post

where to start with your first blog post


It’s one of the hardest blog posts you’ll ever write – your very first one. So where to start, when you could write about absolutely anything? Sometimes having too much choice can be worse than having no choice at all. But when you get into it, your first blog post needn’t be that hard to write.

Just make sure that you have planned everything carefully to avoid any form of mistake. For instance, when I wrote my first blog, I made it a point to learn about Calescence Digital and how they could help boost my post using their SEO process. I also used a keyword position finder as one of the many tools to build the website. I even went on to find Youtube video marketing companies, as I used to promote most of the services in the form of graphic videos too. You can get more information from Postcreatives as to how to make your videos more creative.

Here are some suggested ways to approach your very first blog post

  • Say why you decided to start your blog
    Tell your story and what inspired you to start your blog. Or to put it another way – if you were designing a magazine, what would you like to see in there? Why is that? There’s your post.
  • Tell the reader a little about you
    Before you do this, think about how anonymous you want to be, and how much information you want to give away. So you might only state the general area that you live in and not the name of the town. Or you might change your name and adopt a blogging name instead.
  • Give 5 facts about you
    Obviously not stuff that you want to stay private – once it’s on the internet it’s not going away! But you could talk about the things you like to do for fun; your best ever holiday; the last good book you read; all about your pets.
  • Write about what you intend to cover on the blog
    Give the reader a sense of what to expect – is this a travel journal, movie reviews, recipes or all of the above?

Don’t feel you have to apologise for not being an expert writer. Just do your best for now and leave the promotion and traffic generation to experts by hiring Austin SEO services. Remember that the Google search engine likes posts to be a minimum of 300 words in length for SEO benefits, so aim for at least that.

And above all, have fun.

If you’re not having fun writing your first blog post then there’s not a lot of point in starting at all. After all, if you don’t enjoy that one then you’re hardly going to enjoy writing lots of other posts, are you?

Your first blog post is only the first step. It’s all the other posts that make up the journey, and we want this to be a fun one.

What was your very first blog post about? Leave a comment and share a link to it below

Photo credit: Pete O’Shea
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